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About Zaahid A.

Meet Zaahid, a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set and a passion for innovation. He completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from BUP majoring in Marketing and minoring in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and is currently pursuing the cost management accounting (CMA) course from ICMAB. Zaahid embodies a commitment to continuous learning and growth in the fields of technology, finance, and business management. With over a decade of hands-on experience in content creation, web development, and digital marketing, he brings a wealth of expertise to every project.

As the founder and lead consultant of Pristine Group LLC, Zaahid spearheads strategic initiatives, leveraging his analytical mindset to drive business success. Additionally, his role as a business analyst and marketing consultant at Metamorphosis Ltd. allows him to apply his versatile skill set to diverse projects, while his part-time position as a senior web developer at Metakave showcases his technical prowess.

Aside from his professional endeavors, Zaahid is currently penning a book on business fundamentals tailored to the modern landscape. With his multifaceted background and unwavering dedication, Zaahid is poised to make a lasting impact in both the business world and the realm of business education.